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owner at Detroit Zoo

The owner of Shimmering Moon Farm in front of the Przewalski's horse exhibit at the Detroit Zoo. The owner will be working on a husbandry care manual for these endangered equines geared toward their welfare at Michigan State University in a Master's program for zoo and aquarium management. There are only 1500 of these beautiful animals left worldwide.


Meet Raven, our 4 year old BLM grullo mustang mare who is in training from the BLM. She is a sweet mare. We are a certified TIP trainer for the Bureau of Land Management and we train wild mustangs for the BLM in the hopes of increasing their adoption rates for these wonderful horses. If you would like to adopt Raven for $125 or follow her training, go to http://shimmeringmoonfarm.com/raven.html

Solar Flare

Read about our experiences at the Mustang Makeover.


Welcome Shimmering Rain.

Check out some of Adonis Silver Storm's other foals.

Shimmering Moon Farm is a family owned horse training and breeding facility specializing in Arabian sporthorses and Anglo-Arabians for endurance, eventing, dressage, and hunter/jumper.

We breed Arabians and Anglo Arabians for riding and for good temperament. Arabians have the bad reputation of being hot, pretty and unmanageable. At Shimmering Moon, this is not our goal. We want horses that are a pleasure to ride, not leave us face down in the dirt. As we get older, the falls get only harder.

This is also the goal with the rest of our sale horses. Our sale horses have been here a minimum of six months. With one of our most recent sales, the Arabian had lived here for four years. We want to match the rider to the mount. We emphasize quality. We will not sell you a horse that does not fit your ability.

Shimmering Moon Farm also offers horse training, riding lessons, leasing, parties, boarding, and horse programs throughout the year. We take in limited number of rescue and unwanted horses to retrain and rehome.

We raise shetland sheep and cheviot/suffolk cross sheep for wool and meat.

We hope you take a moment to view our beautiful horses and wonderful sheep.

Leslie Cieplechowicz is a top riding lesson instructor in the Emmett, Michigan Horseback Riding Lessons guide on NewHorse.com

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