Raven in training


Raven on right with her buddy Herman on left


Raven is a wild Bureau of Land Management mustang that we are training. She is four years old, a grullo mare and was captured in at Desatoya, NV. She is 14.1 hands and is of a stocky build. She is available for adoption. To adopt her, the paperwork and procedures of the BLM must be followed. Her adoption fee is $125. Below is a list highlighting the progression of her training.

09/20 Raven comes home
09/24 Raven allows us to pet her.
09/26 Raven gets a halter.
09/27 Raven is lead around in stall.
09/28 Raven is lead around outside of barn.
10/01 Raven is tied to tree and monitored closely.
10/02 Raven is tied to tree and stands quietly. She is curried and brushed.
10/03 Raven is let outside during day in a training pen with our trained BLM mustang Solar Flare.
10/5 Raven allows us to approach her outside, catch her, and walk her around.
10/9 Continue to lead Raven around, acclimating her to things on farm.
10/11 Raven walking up to us in paddock. Eating treats out of hand.
10/12 Begin brushing Raven and lifting her feet.
10/15 Continue working on lunging.
10/17 Walking around trailer. Put saddle pad on.
10/20 Places front two feet in trailer on her own accord.
10/23 Saddled and bridled with problems.
10/27 Introduce driving and long lining
10/31 Beginning to accept the bit
11/02 Mounted for the first time without issue.
11/04 Rode under saddle at a walk.
11/07 Working on steering under saddle at a walk.
11/10 Beginning trotting for 10 meters.
11/15 Walks into trailer without problems.

Thank you to Trisha for adopting Raven. I hope the two of you have a wonderful life together!