Meet Our Wonderful, Wooly
Shetland and Suffolk/Shetland Sheep


On this page are pictures of our shetland and cheviot/shetland sheep, which we raise for wool, meat and fun. We have lambs available for $125 each. We are sold out for 2017. Thank you to all our buyers!

Our handsome shetland ram is named Basil, a katmoget with heavenly wool. Our beautiful shetland ewes are Ramble N Cocoa, Carmel, (moorit) out of SheltrgPines Helena, Cinnamon (moorit), Carmel Jr., and Paprika (moorit). We have two cheviot/shetland ewes, Spotty Ear and Snowball along with a cheviot/suffolk cross, named Munchkin 1 and her daughter.

We have roving and raw wool available for sale. The wool spins into wonderful, naturally colored yarn that can be made into a variety of things. We also have batting from the cheviot that we take to Frankenmuth which turns it into soft pillows and heavenly handmade quilts that will keep you snug and warm through the most frigid of winters.

Dark brown wool rovingWhite rovingRaw wool

Dark brown shetland roving, cream cheviot roving and raw wool. We have other colors available.

If you are interested in any of our sheep products, please contact us. We would be happy to tell you about our flock.

Flock with pig

Flock with woolless wannabe

Snuggles Snuggles

Snuggles with Munchkin 1 Snuggles with Munchkin 1

Deb Deb

Ramble N Hershey Ramble N Hershey

Helena and Rosie's ram

SheltrgPine Helena and Rosie's ram

Ramble N Bonnie Ramble N Bonnie

Bonnie Ramble N Bonnie

Ramble N Willow Ramble N Willow

Rosie, Pepper and Paprika

Rosie, Paprika and Pepper

Carmel Carmel

Ram lambs

Ramble N Bonnie's ram and SheltrgPine Helena's ram

Ram babies

SheltrgPine Helena's ram and Ramble N Willow's ram

Pepper's ewe Pepper's ewe

Pepper's ewe, Paprika's ewe and Carmel's ram


Hershey with lambs

Ramble N Hershey with his lambs