Training, Lessons and Programs

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$400/month including pasture board. 5-6 professional training sessions per week. (24 sessions/month) We also offer training offsite, conveniently located at your farm or boarding facility.

We will do an evaluation of your horse and its ability. Then we will sit down to talk about your goals with your horse and devise a training plan that works for you and your mount, giving you weekly updates on your horse's progress.

In our training programs, we emphasize groundwork, safety and forming a bond with the horse based on respect and trust.



Private lessons: $35 each, for one hour
Group lessons: $25 each, for one hour

Shimmering Moon Farm provides a fun, family atmosphere for everyone. Lessons are designed to work with each individual at his or her own pace and comfort zone. We strive for a relaxed environment so you can enjoy learning. We cater to riders of all ages in english and western.

With our lesson program, you will learn everything from handling and grooming a horse safely on the ground to riding and feeling confident in the saddle. Our lessons are an hour long and include: getting the horse out of the pasture, grooming, tacking your mount, riding and putting the horse away. You will have approximately 35-40 minutes of ride time and 20-25 minutes of groundwork.

We also offer a 1/2 hour private lesson if you are too busy for an hour session. The horse is groomed and tacked when you arrive. The cost is $20 each.

For young riders, age 4 through 7, we offer a 1/2 hour private lead line lesson. Your child will learn how to safely ride a horse. We emphasize fun. The cost is $20 each.

Safety is our number one priority. We ask that you wear the following clothes for a safe and enjoyable ride.
Footwear with a smooth sole and heel, preferably riding boots.
Jean or breeches.
A certified helmet.
We use an outdoor ring so please keep an eye on the weather so you are warm and comfortable.

Cancellation and Late Policy
Please call if you are running late or are unable to make your lesson. If you must cancel, please call 24 hours in advance. We will reschedule or come up with another plan.

All new students will have a private first lesson to determine their riding ability. We will then give recommendations about the appropriate riding program.


Mom and Me, Daddy and Daughter

We offer a program for a parent who wants to spend enjoyable time with their child. Join us on the farm for a casual, fun day filled with a variety of horse experiences, two crafts, and a one hour riding lesson. This a a great way to relax in the countryside and meet the farm animals, including horses and sheep. We also have a picnic table if you would like to bring lunch or snacks for afterward. The session is 2 hours long and accommodates 2 people who are three years and older. The cost is $60 per person.

Games on Horseback:

Come out to the farm and spend an hour playing games on horseback such as the ribbon race and the ball toss. All ages are welcome. The games will be conducted at a walk and riders will be given ten minutes to warm up and meet their horses. Ages 8 and under will be on a leadline. You will need to dress in long pants and wear heeled boots. Helmets are mandatory and will be supplied.

The cost for one hour is $30 per person. Please contact us for more information.


For $125/month, you can lease one of our horses. We have a variety of safe, sane, mounts for you to ride.

You can ride and show (some terms apply) one of our experienced horses. Enjoy riding again without all the financial worries.

Couple's Ride

Want to experience horse ownership?

But don't want all the financial worries? Come to Shimmering Moon Farm.

We have a variety of safe, sane, experienced horses for you to learn what is involved with horse ownership.

We will teach you how to care for a horse, what are the financial costs, and give you opportunities to ride. Join us and enjoy our horses.

For $80/month, you can come out once a week and we will teach you about horses from the ground up.


$200/month pasture with free choice hay
$270/month pasture with free choice hay and a 12% sweet feed

We have a limited number of boarders and have pasture board with run ins. Horses are very social animals so we make sure every horse has a pasture friend unless they are required to be alone.

Horse Themed Party

$20 per child, $100 minimum
1 hour package

Come to our farm for a horse themed party. Relax as we provide the decorations, napkins, horse themed plates, cups, tablecloth, and a horse themed center piece. Each child receives a bag of chips and Faygo pop.

The children will enjoy adult supervised pony rides and yard games. Adults are encouraged to participate if they like.

You provide the cake and the guests.

A $50 deposit is required. If you cancel 7 days before the party date, the deposit is refundable. If you cancel under 7 days before the scheduled date, the deposit is non refundable.

Contact us for more information.


Princess Party